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What Your Holiday Gifting Style Says About Your Relationship

It’s that time of year. You know, the candy-cane-licking, cookie-baking, wrapping-paper-tearing, gift-giving holiday season. Well, guess what? The gift you choose for your significant other actually says a thing or two about your relationship. It’s true. Your holiday gifting style can reveal a lot about the relationship you’re in. First, think about what you got (or are planning to get) your S.O. this holiday season. Next, see how it fits in with the super accurate (JK, you guys, these are just for fun) categories, below, to see what it means about your relationship. Then, enjoy the holidays—and your gifts—with your love. It’s as easy as that. So, which of these gifting styles best describe you? The Crafty DIY-er: (AKA The Pinterest Princess) You’re artsy, love a good homemade (or home-cooked) gift, and are obsessed with all things Etsy. Your go-to gifts include snowman cake pops baked from scratch, DIY wrapping paper, specialty drinks for toasting on date night, or some kind of rustic wine rack. What it means: You’re considerate. You’re a homebody but you love a fun night out. You not only put extra energy and time into the gifts you’re giving, but also into your relationship. You like


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