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Gift-Giving Rocks!

One of my best deliveries thus far. The guy in the picture, received an unexpected package from his best friend from college that said “You Rock”. The sender also asked if I could sing a song….I said NOT. When I delivered the gift, I told him what his friend asked and said I would sing Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ if I could. Funny thing, he started singing it and I joined in (my friends and family would be horrified if they heard that I sang) but we were so caught up in the moment.


I then asked if it would be ok to send his friend a picture. He was so excited, he ran back into the office and found his college coffee cup. I sent his friend the picture and he was pleasantly surprised that a gifting company would do this. He said it was awesome, and that he loved the picture. No doubt that gifting helps retain lifelong friendships.