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2 Types of Corporate Gift-giving?

cropped-60503-gbv2bgift2btag.pngThere are at least 2 Types of Corporate Gift-giving?

Internal Gift-giving

Corporate gifts can be internal to the company. A manager or executive can give to their employees to let them know that they are the company’s most important asset and resource. These internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to the staff, other managers, company executives or other stake holders who are involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.This is often done to build cohesiveness and increase morale.
Internally – for employee loyalty, reward for good work,
Rewards help workers recognize their part in the big picture of the company. If a worker deserves a reward for their hard work, a corporate gift to that person can help him or her feel like their work is noticed by management and executives.

External Gift-giving

These are gifts the company gives to their customers and clients. The gifts could be given to new clients, in an effort to stand out from the crowd. External gifts can also be given if the company:

The reward – employee/client loyalty.
Helps maintain relationships with the company.
Bottom line – Corporate gifts can help the stakeholders feel their investments are worthwhile and are appreciated.