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10 Steps – How to Make a Gift Basket

Making a Gift Basket

This can be easy if you have a creative streak or much more difficult if you’re just not into this stuff. I enjoy making handmade bows but it’s not for everybody.


I’ll try and make this simple.

  1. Start by selecting a theme – I’m sure you’ll have something in mind – birthday, thank you, sympathy or just because.
  2. You need – scissors, ribbon, tape, blank newsprint, cellophane and shred.
  3. Place basket on table, fill with newsprint and shred.
  4. Start layering with largest item at the back and build around the centerpiece.
  5. Add shred in gaps. Make sure labels are facing forward (remove price tags!) Use tape to secure items to each other.
  6. Measure the cello so that about 8-10 inches are above the basket handle.
  7. Carefully place the cello bag or cello sheet under the basket.
  8. Crinkle the top of the cell from middle out to the ends.
  9. Ties the ribbon and create a bow or use a pre-made bow. You can make your own, if you’d like to try. Use wide, wired ribbon – it’s easiest to manipulate.

Stand back and admire your creation!

As the owner of Bear Town Baskets in New Bern NC, I create custom made gift-baskets. Please leave comments if you have any questions.