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Marketing with gifts

The impact of gift giving

What’s in a gift? A thoughtful token of appreciation, a basketful of delicacies, a uniquely, handmade gift just for the occasion. The right gift can say everything from thank you to thinking of you, making gift-giving a great way for your business to connect with customers, build loyalty, and grow your brand.

Stay front of mind

A card during the holidays is great, but consider sending customers little gifts throughout the year to keep them engaged. Remember (this may not be good for the ego but…) no one gets up every morning thinking about you. Organized quarterly, you’re now gifting four times a year, giving you more opportunities to connect with your customers to show thanks for their continued support. And you don’t need to quadruple your budget — planning ahead, and ordering larger quantities of gift containers like baskets or trays, can keep your gift expenses manageable.

Make an Impression

Make an impression with your gifts, and remind customers how special they are. Truly custom gifts, the kind that demonstrate thought and care, go a long way toward building loyalty. Go beyond just printing your logo on pens and mugs.  Think about how you can wow your customers with personalized gifts. Bear town Baskets work with our customers, no matter the size, to create gifts and make gift containers to off their brand from their point of view, and to make customers feel special. 

Tell Your Story

Are you putting some thought into what goes into that basket or box? The gifts you give add to the story your brand represents you and your company. If your brand is fun loving, make sure your gifting reflects that. Build a baskets around an idea –  choose the contents of that basket based on that idea. If your brand is sober and serious, keep your gifts professional and useful. If your brand is all about fun or the elegant things, think about what sorts of gifts your customers will like and use on a regular basis. Remember when you put a logo on something to eat, it disappears. Put you information on something that lasts – surprisingly a garbage can be elegant and your logo on it will last for a long time. When was the last time you threw out a garbage can?

Don’t ForgetEngage Customers with Gifting – Not Just Once A Year, but oftenBuild Loyalty with Unique, Custom-made GiftsLet Your Gifting Tell Your Story, Refer you and Grow Your BrandDon’t forget to ask for the referral.