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Your Customers & Corporate Gifting.

Did you know the purpose of a Corporate Gift Giving ? Let’s face it: chances are your customers don’t wake up thinking  about you. Staying top of mind is up to you. There’s power in a personal touch and the number one reason for corporate gift giving is often to improve relationships, it also helps:. … Continue reading Your Customers & Corporate Gifting.

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Valentine’s Gift For Your Guy

Reveal your romantic side this Valentine’s Day by presenting the man in your life with a gift that will steal his heart and make him fall in love with you all over again. What you buy reflects how you see him and the relationship. You would want it to be something thoughtful, creative, and appropriate… Continue reading Valentine’s Gift For Your Guy

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Meet the Bear Town Basket Owners

MEET THE OWNERS Gerry and I accidentally found New Bern, NC and will be here for the rest of our lives.  We were looking for a quaint town where we could dock our sailboat. I had left the big city, New York that is and then Raleigh and was looking for a charming downtown -… Continue reading Meet the Bear Town Basket Owners

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BearTown Baskets Christmas Gift Baskets 101

You can be as creative and innovative with gourmet Christmas gift baskets. Vary the contents, packaging, bows, colors of baskets items for your family, friends, colleagues, clients and so many people in your lives. There are  theme basket for friends who like ethnic foods like italian, Mexican, Indian and of course American-style. Simple ideas include coffee gift baskets, chocolate gourmet baskets, traditionalChristmas… Continue reading BearTown Baskets Christmas Gift Baskets 101

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Gifting Programs for Your Business

Marketing Beartown Baskets is in the business of creating gifts for businesses to keep in front of their client's minds. Remember, your clients don't get up every morning thinking about you. Every once in a while you need to contact them so they know you're still around and appreciate their business or their referral. The… Continue reading Gifting Programs for Your Business

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Gift Basket – Business Gifting Trends

Gifting Beartown baskets is located in New Bern NC. We assist businesses create gifting programs. The gifting industry has a few distinct segments including all-occasion gifts/baskets for individuals, and customized gifts for businesses. Business gifts are well  known as corporate gifts. An example is our Individuals typically buy baskets when they need reach out to family… Continue reading Gift Basket – Business Gifting Trends

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Send gifts with a storyline.

Story-Telling Have you found that people are taking ‘buy local,’ seriously? As the owner of a gift-giving company, Bear Town Baskets, I am finding that my customers want to know where their clothes, furniture and most importantly especially where their food comes from. It truly matters if it’s from their community or China.  Most folks want… Continue reading Send gifts with a storyline.

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Bear Town Baskets moves to New Bern, NC.

Small Business Owner finds Quaint Town in NC As a small business owner of Gift Basket Villas (now renamed BearTown Baskets to better reflect this beautiful town we've discovered and made our home) I was on a quest to find a quaint little town to grow some roots.

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Halloween Gifts

Halloween is on October 31 as you may know, make sure you get your Halloween Gifts are fun, scary, savory and a delight to receive. Halloween is a holiday where even the adults eat the kids' candy. I've been wrongfully accused by my nieces and nephews of stealing their candy but in all actuality, they… Continue reading Halloween Gifts

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To Give Or Not to Give.

As a gift basket small business owner I read about gift-giving. I found this one funny and memorable on  A woman was asked what's the worst gift she ever received? Her answer, a rose! Giving a rose as a gift - great gesture, right? The woman had mentioned to her husband that she didn't… Continue reading To Give Or Not to Give.