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Welcome to North Carolina Gifts & boxes

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There’s a new trend in town, Welcome to New Bern, North Carolina gift boxes, Gifting needs to reflect your brand, your company values, personality and shows a level of generosity and implies that you care about individual relationships. 

A Gifting Plan For Your Company
The lack of client gift-giving plan may be the one fundamental flaw in marketing your business, especially small businesses. A small investment nay potentially outweighs the initial investment. Take for example a small gift that is given to a potential client that could result in thousands of dollars in income. This is the art of appreciation and goes a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty.

Why give gifts?

Of course, it’s because everyone loves to receive gifts. Gifting branded token items to your potential customers, new clients, vendors and not forgetting your present customers is a great way to highlight your business’s identity and values, to stay in front of your customers. Remember, they do not get up every morning thinking about you.

Gift Baskets, Gifts, New Bern Gift baskets, North Carolina

Customized New Bern Gifts

Gift Baskets – NC local gifts

At Bear Town Baskets, we design customized gifts. We provide memorable gifts experiences with all-occasion, corporate including  Christmas gourmet food gift baskets , corporate holiday gifts,  and gourmet gifts & baskets. One of our trending gifts is actually a beautifully decorated gift box with local gifts. The cover is of downtown New Bern, NC and products inside are hand picked delicious snacks from our local vendors..

Some truths to share with small business owners.

Truth 1: The number one reason your clients will leave you is because they feel ignored.Question to Ask Prospect:   Are you doing anything on a regular basis to stay in front of clients in fresh, creative, memorable ways?Outcome:  Giftbasketvillas can help you stay connected to your clients throughout the year with small, affordable client-touch gifts that reflect your company’s brand and personality. When your clients feel connected to you they will give you more business and refer you more.Truth 2: Businesses spend thousands of dollars to attract new clients but they spend practically nothing on keeping their current clients happy.Question to Ask Prospect:   Are you doing anything to build loyalty among your current clients?

Bear Town Baskets can help you strengthen relationships and build client loyalty with small, affordable client-touch gifts that reflect your company’s brand and personality. When your clients feel connected to you they will give you more business and refer you more.Truth 3: The number one human need is to feel appreciated and valued.
Question to Ask Prospect:   Are you doing anything to thank your clients for their referrals or business?

Welcome to New Bern Gift Box

Bear Town Baskets can help you thank your referrals with small, affordable thank you gifts. When your clients feel valued, they will speak highly of you and refer you more.Truth 4: People will buy from you because they feel a human or an emotional connection with you.Question to Ask Prospect:  What are some ways that you are creating a memorable experience for you clients?

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Bear Town Baskets can help you strengthen relationships and build client loyalty with small, affordable client-touch gifts that reflect your company’s brand and personality. When you create a nice experience for your clients, they will remember you, be ever returning customers and be your walking billboard – refer you more often.

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Bear Town Baskets moves to New Bern, NC.


Small Business Owner finds Quaint Town in NC

As a small business owner of Gift Basket Villas (now renamed BearTown Baskets to better reflect this beautiful town we’ve discovered and made our home) I was on a quest to find a quaint little town to grow some roots. I wasn’t sure it was something I could find and not really sure my gift basket business would thrive outside of a large city, but it was worth a try.

There are over 50 bears in New Bern and is one of the reasons visitors flock to New Bern. These hand-painted bear designs are on life-size  bears. These bears, in historic downtown are decorated with absolutely gorgeous colors, artistic designs, hats, flags, flowers and each bear is uniquely designed. Check out Visit New Bern for details.


I was pleasantly surprised when to find the quaintest, hidden gem of a town,  New Bern, NC. Most people seem to have heard of it as a town on the way to the beaches, but for whatever the reason, it still appears to be a well kept secret.  This small town appears to be growing in leaps and bounds. But, shhh don’t tell anyone our secret!

IMG_2942_auto nb

It seems that a small percentage of natives still live here, however a lot of the folks I’ve met seem to have moved from elsewhere and lots of outsiders are moving in. This is evident in my encounters and I feel an embracing of diversity, new and different cultures and ideas.

New Bern is a charming little town. 

The streets are lined with gold…leaves that is, from the Ginkgo Biloba tree, in  downtown New Bern.


With the summer and humidity, New Bern may not be for everyone but I’ve decided it is where I am going to live the rest of my life. I have found the most beautiful area to live in and am not sure how this accident came about that I found it.

Gift Baskets in the Harbour

Keep an eye out for other articles about the evolution of experience as a small business owner in a small town and BearTown Baskets. I am very excited about this part of my adventure. I’ll keep you posted.

A must see and taste – Cow Cafe ice-cream. My favorite is Mooberry.


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When I was a little girl, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what it even meant. Now, I am so excited and almost can’t wait for the end of the year with all the wonderful holidays.

This has become one of the highlights of my year, though it used to be so much more fun with  the family around. Being a part of a huge family, there’s nothing like sitting around the table on Thanksgiving with more food than we probably had the rest of the year. We used to gather around one of the siblings tables with so many teeny tiny kids running around. Where did those days go? I miss them so.


I remember getting together at my house with the other family members we hadn’t been able to see in awhile. We stand around talking, laughing, making wise cracks or running around with the kids. The day may begin with Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, great coffee, and some NY bagels, lox and cream cheese or just a huge pot of coffee. At times  each family member is asked to make a dish over the years,  we’ve found our favorites. I am never asked to make the turkey, long story. Now that I am the owner of Gift Basket Villas, I bring a basketful of snacks, great while we cook!

After all the food is cooked and ready to go, we will give everyone an opportunity to tell us what they are thankful for. It’s always great to hear what they have to say or sometimes are too embarrassed to say anything.

20170923_115100.jpgThe reason I didn’t know there was a Thanksgiving: I was born outside the US.  I love Thanksgiving almost more than I love other holidays. It’s such a great time to be with friends and family – no expectations except to eat and talk.

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