Do you have clients coming in for a convention, workshop or special meeting? 

After a long day of driving or flying across the country, they will truly feel special and appreciate with some gourmet snacks. We can make it as personalized as you woul like and include gifts that you would like to include.

You will get rave reviews for this special touch! Make your clients feel welcomed with gift boxes (so they don't have to travel with more luggage) or a gift bag that gives them something to take home as a souvenir.

These gift boxes or bags can be filled with

  1. Regional items can be one-of-a-kind and a perfect way to show off the local area.  
  2. Beautiful ribbon bows and your company's coordinated color schemes
  3. Include a custom message from your company.Include your logo, name, phone number.
These unique gifts can be delivered to your hotel and placed in customers rooms or handed out to guests upon their arrival. 

Make a great impression with a great idea that’s affordable and easy!

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